Working Capabilities

2 sets of 5t (6.5t) intermediate frequency furnace, 1 set 6t holding furnace, 1 set of 1.5t medium frequency furnace, maximum weight of single piece is 13 tons;

4 sets of 4 x 2.6 x 2.3m bell type heat treatment furnace;

24 sets of 1.6-40t cranes;

14 sets of lathe and CNC machine, cones of diameterĪ†3300 can be machined; part sized as 12m * 8m * 6m can be bored and milled;

Test center is equipped with 60t universal testing machine, impact machine, V/U2 impact specimen notch broaching machine (hydraulic), HRC/HB desktop and portable hardness testers, metallographic microscopes, whole set of molding sand test instrument, laboratory instruments and so on;

One set of 20t/h resin sand production line, alkaline phenol resin sand molding process is applied.